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The fertile land and temperate climate first attracted settlers to the Cloverdale area over 125 years ago.

Today Cloverdale is still a vibrant and growing community in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. In fact, the Cloverdale real estate market is attractive for all types of home buyers thanks to the abundant supply of new townhouses, condos and detached homes for sale in Cloverdale.

Located in the eastern suburbs of Surrey BC, Cloverdale is an ideal location to buy a home, work and live. Just outside of the rush of the big city, Cloverdale offers a small town ambiance and a welcome retreat from the busy lifestyle of the Surrey metropolis.

Cloverdale is the official town center of Surrey BC and is also located in close proximity to the growing city of Langley BC, making Cloverdale Real Estate a solid investment for Lower Mainland home buyers

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The suburban outgrowth from Surrey has made Cloverdale the second fastest growing real estate area in all of Greater Vancouver.

In the last five years in particular, numerous family neighbourhoods have sprung up in what was previously zoned as agricultural land. With plenty of room to continue growing Cloverdale is a community to keep your eyes on if you are in the market for BC homes for sale.

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Cloverdale BC Homes for Sale

Many people find value in homes for sales in Cloverdale BC because of affordable pricing. Whether you are searching for a detached house, a townhouse or a condo for sale in Cloverdale you are bound to enjoy the city's small town charm.

Cloverdale Homes for Sale

Detached homes in Cloverdale feature some of the lowest selling prices in the entire Lower Mainland. With more room to grow, Cloverdale is not restricted by new home building space constraints like other neighbouring communities. This ability to grow helps keep Cloverdale real estate prices reasonable. According to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board the average price of a detached home in Cloverdale BC in December 2011 was approximately $548,000. Regardless of your budget, our agents are here to help you find the right Cloverdale home for sale to meet your needs.

Cloverdale Townhouses for Sale

The development of townhouses in the Cloverdale area attracts a lot of young families along with middle aged couples looking to downsize but still wanting reasonable access to Vancouver. Cloverdale townhouses for sale offer more affordable pricing over townhomes found in Surrey, and most Cloverdale real estate is away from the busy Surrey city center yet still close to Surrey's main shopping centers. According to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board the average price of a townhouse in Cloverdale in December 2011 was approximately $335,000. Whether your budget is above or below this average, our Sutton real estate agents are ready to help you find the right townhouse for sale in Cloverdale BC.

Cloverdale Real Estate Condos & Apartments

Many first time home buyers can earn double savings by taking advantage of the affordability of condo living and the affordability of Cloverdale neighbourhoods. Just like Surrey, Cloverdale real estate MLS listings for condos include old and new condos for sale, with a suite perfect for almost any lifestyle. Attracting recent attention in the Cloverdale condo real estate market is the highly valued and modern Waterstone condo development. According to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, the average price of a townhouse for sale in Cloverdale in December 2011 was approximately $220,000. Let our Sutton real estate agents help you find the right Cloverdale condo for sale within you budget.

New vs. Old Cloverdale Homes for Sale

Cloverdale has a lot of farmland but to accommodate the growth of the city, Cloverdale opened up some of the land reserves to welcome the construction of numerous new neighbourhoods in the Cloverdale area. Because of this, new homes for sale in Cloverdale BC can be quite affordable when compared to Surrey, White Rock and Delta real estate.

However, if you desire the charm and character of an older Cloverdale home for sale this is also the place to buy. Home buyers enjoy Cloverdale's century old heritage homes that offer added personality, which can often be missing in new home builds.

Let our a Sutton real estate agent help you weigh the pros and cons of a new Cloverdale home for sale versus buying an older Cloverdale home.

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